Pure Words…

Tonight I have the opportunity to teach a favorite topic of mine: Finding God’s Word In The New Age. Brother and sister Overman have set up this meeting in their house and have invited many friends. It should be a good time of learning and fellowship. 

I first taught this 1o hour plus seminar over 20 years ago at the request of Pastor Rex Holt, Victory Independent Baptist Church, Clovis, New Mexico. (He and his wife are still faithfully serving there) Of course I won’t be able to teach the entire seminar tonight, but my plan is to cover the following key concepts concerning the scriptures: Inspiration, Preservation, Translation, and Purification.

Inspiration: God wrote a book. Jesus said so in Matt 4 and Luke 4.

Preservation: God’s book is available today (I have one sitting on my desk at present). Ps 12:6-7

Translation: God has provided a Bible to most of the people of the world in their language. When God does the translation work, it is always better than the original (2 Sam 3:10, Col 1:13; Hebr 11:5).

Purification: It took centuries for God to write His Book and a few more centuries for God to translate it into many languages and get it just the way HE wanted it. Ps 12:6-7.

Hope to start a livestream on Bambuser (burningbrighttv) at around 6:30 PM EST.

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