When Trials Come

One of the most asked questions in life is “Why do the righteous suffer?”

My friend Brother Benjamin Gilley once preached a great message on “Serving The Lord Is Rarely Convenient.”  Really made an impression on me because I knew it to be so true! Today, I would add this to his message, when God calls us to a work it is “rarely convenient.” Troubles and trials are bound to happen. We are in the middle of what “we are doing” and God has the gall to interrupt us with something He wants us to do.

There are plenty of examples in the scriptures: Noah called to build an ark, Abram called to a new home, David called to be a king, Peter called to be a fisher of men.  The apostle Paul, the example of the Christian believer was called to suffer. It was he that penned, “Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.” (2 Timothy 3:12) The ultimate example is our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who was called a “man of sorrows.”

Suffering is not what we “expect” for being a child of God, yet it is clear that God requires us to go through trials and not around them. I personally don’t like it. Folks like Corrie Ten Boom, Richard Wurmbrand, and Harlan Popov are notable examples that prove my point.  You may be going through a personal trial right now that is crushing you in it’s weight.

Below is a devotion by Charles H. Spurgeon from his book, “Morning and Evening.” I hope it is a help and comfort.  Spurgeon sheds some light on the reasons for our trials and how the Lord stays a close companion through them all.  Rest in the fact that one day soon, God will straighten all that is crooked, mend that which is broken, bring justice where it is required, and make very glad the heart that is broken. May God bless you and yours today.

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