Ministry Update – June 2017

We are very busy! We have had visitation, Bible studies, and Chapel services going on almost every day of the week for the last couple of months.

This week we were in five different correctional facilities and Dr. Haag was in Guaremala on a missions trip! 

Burning Bright Ministries has also started a live broadcast video ministry every Thursday.  Usually it is Dr. Haag and I doing the broadcasts around 1:00 PM CST. Those broadcasts are also archived for later viewing. You can find us on Bambuser @ burningbrighttv. Here is the link to my latest video on Romans 5 – Reconciliation:

Below you see the men I took with me to Okaloosa Correctional Institution Main Camp and Work Camp last week: Vince Speranza, Benjamin Gilley, Gary Ginsky and Mike Overman.  

We were able to preach, teach, sing specials, lead singing and even show a slide presentation of our mission trips to Mexico. We even sang as a group for the first time the song “Meet Me There!”  I have the men/inmates repeat “Meet Me There!” as we sing the song. Who says you can’t have a good time in a worship service! What a blessing! 

In between services we did some street “preaching” as well. Below is a picture of Mike Overman and Gary Ginsky on a street corner in Crestview, Florida to give you an idea of what I mean when I say “street preaching.” (To those that think it is an odd thing to do, just remember that John the Baptist, Jesus Christ, and the apostles, just to name a few, all had public ministries and preached on “the street.”)

Earlier in the week we were at Santa Century Correctional, Santa Rosa Correctional and the County Jail. 

The Century service is in Spanish and since Dr. Haag has been gone the past few weeks, I’ve been doing the services with the help of an interpreter. I enjoy leading the Spanish songs and I know the guys always get a big laugh when I do it! “Gozo, Gozo, Gozo, Gozo” (I’ve got the “Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy – Down In My Heart”) is my favorite!

We continue to hold our Bible Studies at Santa Rosa Correctional and the County Jail in Pensacola. We have some faithful men who are doing well and it is very satisfying to see them grow and even begin to minister to others. We are focussing on practical Christian living at present although we do occasionally get asked questions on doctrine. 

My thanks to the chaplains that facilitate our ministry and the facilities that work with us to ensure oue access and safety. 

Looking forward to hearing about Dr. Haag’s trip to Guatemala. He went with Smyrna Baptist Church here in Pensacola. They took a group of over 20 people! 

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