Fret Not Thyself

13EC6EE1-C1B3-4E42-BC47-CF20F15D1091Psalm 37:1 Fret not thyself because of evildoers, neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity.

Two things are highlighted in this verse: first, fret not because of evil doers and second, be not envious against the workers of iniquity.  Great advice.

To focus our minds on anything does two things; it enlarges whatever we are thinking about and it clears the mind of anything else. Perhaps you can remember a time when you were about to get in a car accident or you were about to trip and fall. You were totally focused on the event. A good hitter in baseball focuses on the ball and does not sense anything else. Same for a good golfer. Focus can be good. But focus can be bad as well.

Fret and envy are two of the most damaging emotions we must deal with in this life. By focusing on the evil doers and workers of iniquity, we produce fret and envy in our minds. If we allow too much fret and too much envy to exist in our minds, not only can they produce mental problems, but they can produce physical problems as well. Let’s not do either!

Don’t fret. Fret is a time waster. Many times we fret about things that never occur or we have no control over. In particular, make it a habit not to fret about evil doers.  There are and have been so many evil doers in the world that we must trust God to bring them to justice. All things will be made right in the end. That is a fact. The solution for fret? Do what we can do to stop evil and evil doers as God directs and gives us power, but then we must trust God to do right and bring justice eventually for all evil. Remember Daniel. Remember Esther.

Don’t envy.  Envy is a killer. It was for envy that the Pharisees killed Christ. It was for envy that Haman had a gallows built for Mordecai. Envy produces all the wrong emotions. Anger and hatred are the results of envy. We envy the workers of iniquity because we see them prospered and rewarded and we (the good guys of course!) are not, or not as much. The solution for envy?  Realize God sends rain on the just and unjust. We must run our race the best way we know how. Walk in the Spirit.  Remember Joseph.

Fret not because of evil doers. Envy not the workers of iniquity.

Lord Jesus, we need your hope and comfort. Lord Jesus, help and strengthen those who are suffering because of evil doers and workers of iniquity. Good Sheperd be our protection, provision, and our guide. King of Kings and Lord of Lords, bring justice to a world where often there is none.

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