The Rain

795FB399-5D3D-4688-9EE0-2FA7A5366BFBGenesis 7:12 And the rain was upon the earth forty days and forty nights.

The rain. The fountains of the great deep. One day all was fine and then it was all changed. The flood was catastrophic. Nothing of the old world survived.

The flood was not just catastrophic for the world, but it was catastrophic for Noah as well. When the flood came, Noah had all he could do to save himself, his family, and the animals. We too are all self absorbed, when a flood comes. Survival is about all we can think of, if we can think at all. Yet, as a result of the flood, Noah became ruler of a new world.

Noah’s flood pictures times in our lives that are overwhelming and catastrophic. God brings floods in the right severity and in His timing to destroy our old world and bring us to our new one. God’s floods aren’t pleasant and are never convenient.

Consider the “floods” that happened to other characters in the Bible. Abram, it is time for you to leave your country. Joseph, it is time for you to go to Egypt. Job, it is time for the Devil to attack you. Moses, it is time for you to leave the desert. Rahab, the Hebrew spies are here. David, it is time for you to leave your sheep. Jesus, it is time for you to be tempted of the Devil. Paul, it is time for you to go blind. Yet, the floods in their lives brought them into new worlds.

Abram became a blessing to all nations. Joseph became a mighty ruler and saved his family from the famine. Job was doubly blessed and became a comforter to those needing comfort for centuries to come.  Rahab is in the blood line for Jesus. David became a King. Jesus became our Savior and will soon be millennial king. Paul, became the apostle to the Gentiles. Note that the floods in the lives of all these characters brought blessings when the flood had subsided.

Floods happen all the time to God’s people. When a flood comes it is unavoidable and unstoppable. No way a flood can be good we say. Yet, a flood is God’s way of  taking us from one world to the next.  God takes us to the new world, a better world, in His timing, and for His glory.

Take comfort in the floods of life, beloved, you are headed to a new world, a better world that God has prepared. The old world needs to go. The old world is no longer the place for you.

Thank you Lord for your concern for us. Lord may we recognize the floods that come to us are from you, for your glory, and our benefit.


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